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I thought I would write about the Marche St. George, since I have now mentioned it in my Finding your Social Media class and also added a link in my e-newsletter. A friend of mine, Janaki Larsen moved into the neighborhood about two years ago and decided to turn their permitted little corner store into a grocery store. The Marche is located at 28th Avenue and St. George and has now been open for just over a year. The family run business is full or artists. Janaki, the owner is a potter, her sister Klee Larsen is a photographer and your barista at the Marche and all this stems from their mother, Patricia Larsen who is an amazing painter. Everyday the Marche is filled with coffee drinkers, croissant gurus and just a friendly neighbor picking up locally grown vegetables, eggs and cheese. They also have an amazing selection of linens as Janaki has a fetish for anything to do with fabrics. Overall, it is a great place to go and hang out watch people and if you like to take photos – you might just want to stay an extra hour.


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